Better for Everyone.

We are a producer of plant-based foods ranging from cheese substitutes, proteins, sauces and more.

We’ve converted plants into mouth-watering and indulgent foods for you to enjoy, which are easier on your body and our planet. This also makes our food naturally free from most common food allergies. Yay!

Radicle Foods

The food you love, all grown up!

Our aim is to produce the delicious flavours and tastes we’ve all grown to love – with integrity, convenience and affordability – without any of the nasties.

Sam Adra, Radicle Foods

Caprese Jaffle made with Radicle Vegarella

Döner Kebab made with Radicle Döner

A one-stop-shop for anybody and everybody!

At Radical Foods it’s our mission to feed everyone! Catering to all major food allergies and intolerances, dietary requirements, morals, religious and cultural beliefs – without judgment or bias. And while not every item we make is suitable for everyone, we actively seek to offer something for everybody.


Our philosophy is simple, it’s to produce deliciousness that everyone can enjoy. Catering to most dietary needs whilst maintaining sustainable practices and pushing the line on plant-based innovation.

We are all unique in our own ways, sometimes by choice and sometimes by the roll of the dice. Nobody chooses their allergies and intolerances and that’s why we take it seriously when creating our wholly plant based food.


Animal as food have undoubtedly helped humans become what we are today – but it’s 2020, we can now cut out our earthly ‘middlemen’ friends and make meat using our intelligence. This also makes food naturally free from common food allergies including milk, eggs, fish, molluscs, and crustaceans.

At Radicle, our approach is whole food – using all of the plant, legume, nut, and seed – while avoiding refined ingredients. This allows us to maintain more ‘natural’ levels of micro and macronutrients, just as nature intended.

Nothing like the ‘real thing’, better.

At Radicle, we don’t try to be anything we’re not. We are all for the wholefood plant-based approach, and that’s why we like our food to look like the ingredients they came from or contain what they came from. Wherever possible we keep our foods nutritious and minimally processed, whilst still delivering big on flavour.